Oh! Obama and Economy

Caption: McCain and Obama election night speeches

Obama is coming to the U.S. for the new presidency now. Should we believe in him and his policy?
I am not sure what his economic policy is. I know one thing about his economic mind.

I think that he does not like the FTA (free trade agreement). Why? He thinks that he wants to negotiate with South Korea for autos to protect the auto industry in the U.S. He likes protectionism??

One more thing, he could solve a variety of problem, including social problem, race, and same sex.

Or not?



sir jorge said...

I'm not confident yet. He's got little international experience and a track record as a community organizer, we'll see how he does on the national level.

Posh Post Reviews said...

obama is a refreshing change in the white house. i just hope that he lives up to what he has campaigned for.

Marriage Markers said...

i used to be rooting for obama, albeit silently. but now, i am not sure, after i read a prophecy, which i am not sure is even true.

sigh, i pray the best for america.

Flowersbythewayside said...

i hope obama will make the right decisions...what happens in america affects the rest of the world.

happy weekend!

TommyClaire said...

well, my bf worries about him, raising taxas to Bussinessmen like him..I dont like him personally but just hope and pray he'd do the right thing for the greater majority:)