Smoke and Fire

This picture is not fire but smoke.

Garfield and Holiday

I am rebuilding my blog with new template. It is very tough due to the codes on the side-bar. I saved some codes and lost some codes.

It is a winter season. It is coming to many holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In addition, it is not much snowing. I hope that this winter would be warm and nice.


Auto and American

The auto industry is coming to risky and dangerous situation. We consider this problem, auto risk. It is very serious in the U.S. Why? The car industry in the U.S. is almost bankrupt. Its root of the problem is due to owners and businessmen of the car company. They have too many salaries, and their salaries must be cut.

Who buy the GM, Ford, and Chrysler in the U.S.? The majority of people in the U.S would buy the Japan car and Germany car. It is cheaper and more economical.

The executives of the GM, Ford, and Chrysler have to be fired. It is my dream.


Cold, Cold and Cool

It is a winter season.

In addition , it is a figure skating season, too.
This is the COC(Cup of China). Is it good? She is very good skills and techniques.

Wow! Clap!

Oh! Obama and Economy

Caption: McCain and Obama election night speeches

Obama is coming to the U.S. for the new presidency now. Should we believe in him and his policy?
I am not sure what his economic policy is. I know one thing about his economic mind.

I think that he does not like the FTA (free trade agreement). Why? He thinks that he wants to negotiate with South Korea for autos to protect the auto industry in the U.S. He likes protectionism??

One more thing, he could solve a variety of problem, including social problem, race, and same sex.

Or not?


Wordless Saturday and Reality

This picture is from my laptop. It is winter with the white and gray color.

Barack Obama and President

It is time to change all over the world, including the U.S. Barack Obama got a win for the new president in the U.S. Should he change the U.S. and citizens? If he succeed it, he would win an election in the four years. If not, he would fail it.

If you choose between success and fail, which one could you decide? For me, I don't know exactly. It is very difficult choice for me to make a decision.

It is a better method to throw the dice.


Boo and Wireless Problem

It is a bad time to access the Internet because of the wireless problem. Its speed is too slow now and I am trying to solve the problem quickly. Only 1-2Mps in the speed is so so slow, so I can not access the Internet very quickly.

In addition, the battery of the laptop is problematic. I just use the laptop with the connected power and now I could not use the computer with the battery.

Dell's laptop is good or not? I think that 14.1 inch's laptop is good. but 15.4 inch's laptop is not good. How about your laptop or desktop?

Anyway, Oh my goodness.


Hair cut and Weekend

I have a big photo. Who is a popular hair designer? I think that he is a Edward with scissor hands. If he is in the hair cut shop, everyone would love to cut the hair there. Don't you think so?

However, he doesn't guarantee your hair's style. Why? He is scissor hands. His hair-cut speed is very very fast, so if you are so busy, you could save the time.

You just try it and please let me know if he exists on Earth or all over the space.