The story of Jack-o'-lantern

Jack-o'-lantern is a symbol of Halloween. Jack-o'-lantern is a pumpkin. It is hard to explain its story. What is that? You should take a time to understand what it is.
I am searching for several websites. I summarize and explain the story of Jack-o'-lantern.

Let's start.

The tradition of the Jack-o'-lantern came from the Irish. As you can know, the Jack-o'-lantern is not a pumpkin actually. Its legend ,went back to Irish history long time ago. Stingy Jack was not happy and he was drunk. In addition, he liked to play tricks on everyone: his mother, family and somebody.

Some day, Jack placed crosses around the trunk of the tree once the Devil climbed up the apple tree. So the devil was not able to get down the tree. Jack suggested something to the Devil. Jack said the devil, "when I died, do not take my soul?" The devil said, "Okay". Once the devil promised not to take his soul, Jack deleted the crosses and the Devil got down on land.

After long time, stingy Jack died. He went to the gate of Heaven and Saint Peter said him, "you was too mean, cruel, and miserable on earth." So he could not be allowed to go into the Heaven. Of course, he went down to Hell and he met the Devil. The devil wanted to get promise with Jack, so he can not enter into the Hell.

Jack was very scared and he can not go anywhere. He thought that he wandered about forever in the darkness between Hell and Heaven. He asked the Devil," how could leave between Hell and Heaven with no light?" The devil threw him away into the ember of Hell to help him. Jack placed an ember in a hollowed out turnip.

Jack roamed the earth not to take a rest in place and to light his way as he went with his Jack-p'-lantern.

After hundred years, the Irish hollowed out rutabagas, gourds, Turnips, potatoes and beets on the Halloween's ever. These were the original Jack-o'-lantern made by pumpkins.

In the 1800's, many Irish immigrants immigrated to the U.S. They discovered quickly that the pumpkins were big and easy to carve out. So now the Irish made Jack-o'-lanterns by pumpkins.

Does it make sense???