Gossip Girl and Fashion

Gossip girl is famous all around world: the U.S., Asia and Europe? I am not sure that manypeople are watching that drama.

Do you think that it is hot and cool? I don't think so because it is sometime boring. We knew that the center of fashion is New York City. That drama shows a fashion show during one episode.

It is not fascinating and everyone discovered that we already knew that scene. Why? We already watched that scene in another drama.

Now, it is getting tedious. Don't you think so?



Janeen said...

I disagree. The show has an edger Upper East Side spin. It reminds me of Cruel Intensions with the deceit and sexual innuendo.

Plus, this takes a different look on fashion. The fashion illustrated in this show is more preppy, lady like. It’s a nice change from the trend overkills on The Hills.

There's a cool article on the designer for that fashion show on http://fashionbias.tumblr.com/